Photo by Casey Horner / Unsplash

A few weeks after I came out as trans, I wrote this coming out poem. I’m a year into transition this weekend and the words still hold true.




I’ve known that patriarchy is the root of evil for over 20 years.

But I did not understand what that meant until now.

I’ve known that gender is performative since undergrad feminist theory.

But I did not understand what that meant until now.

I’ve been a radical feminist and gender abolitionist for nearly a decade but

I. did. not. understand. what. that. meant. until. now.

My trans experience did not start two weeks ago.

My entire life has been a trans experience.

MY trans experience.





Trans. Femme. 

These are tools of expression.

Tools of communication.

They are for an audience.

Useful tools, yes.

Fun tools, too.

Brushes to paint with.

But fundamentally irrelevant.

Not trans like transgender.

Trans like transcendence.

Both. And.

This is freedom.

This is queer liberation.

Because, for the first time in my life, I see myself.

Truly see myself.

And everyone deserves to see themselves like I see myself, now.


She is beautiful.


I am beautiful.