Photo by Mick Haupt / Unsplash

Tears ever-flowing, feed a growing flower

A rough cut stone, sits at the core

Past demons and angels, I start at the floor

A shattered mirror, reflecting face upon face

Some still are hidden, still searching for place

Pick up the pieces, studying each

To keep or discard, which ones to unleash?

A new shape created, with cracks in between

What it means to be human, never again a machine

They say you’re a robot, but they don’t know you

Forced into a box, break free and be true

To yourself, it is worth it

Keep fighting, bit by bit

They don’t know what’s coming

So just keep on humming

The song to yourself, internal symphony

Gender expression, what it means to be free

Queer liberation, an ever moving goal

To me, femme includes a high heeled stroll

Looks don’t mean everything, not a woman it makes

Freedom to choose, whatever it takes

One million pieces, one million more

The glass has shattered, step through the door

One million pieces, one million more

Might be foggy, let’s just see what’s in store