The High Heeled Hacker is part gender journey, part personal ramblings, part self-actualization blog, and overall just some kind of weird new media project I've decided to try out. I write about my transition, how to self-actualize through the lens of sci-fi and fantasy, and may post bits of poetry from time to time.

Ms. Jade Pixel

Hello friends and enemies! I'm Jade (she/they), a queer femme, storyteller, hacker, and anarchist. By day, I work as a cybersecurity analyst at a public research university. By night, I write, make art, run tabletop RPGs, go camping, and practice a little radical self-acceptance, as a treat. I'm also both neurodivergent and healing from complex trauma.

My dog, Beorn, is my son. He's an 80-pound American Bulldog, a rescue, and has a bullet in his leg from a previous life. He's scared of everything, cuddles a lot, and I would die for him.

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So, what's this site about?

In my trauma-healing work during the first year of my transition, my therapist and I keyed on the concept of viewing one's life through the hero's journey story template. I realized that most of the characters I've connect with in media, as well as the types of characters I play in games, were really just power fantasies for myself. Working with that framework, I view my own life through the lens of the hero's journey as I strive for self-actualization.

I created this as a platform to both write in-character, so to speak, while also talking about how I approach this process of being the protagonist of my own story. I hope to both share the story of my journey through healing, transition, and life, while also encouraging others looking for something new to apply to their own lives.